Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day!

We got an unexpected amount of snow last night. It was enough to actually cover the ground and both delight and confuse the dog.

He has recently reached a point in his training where we can take him off his lead some in the backyard to play with him and let him run. He loves it and is very praise motivated and so is thrilled that he gets so much praise for doing something he wants to do any way, chase a ball and run. The snow added a whole new level to this excitement and he had a blast sprinting around the yard and kicking it around trying to find the ground.

The older two kids really enjoyed the snow as well but it was a very cold day and since the snow was too powdery to make snow balls or snow forts or snowmen they did not spend a lot of time in it. Rather enjoyed hot chocolate after getting cold hands a few times.

The toddler was very pleased to practice her walking outside and was fascinated to watch it come down and see how it changed everything but she found it to be disappointingly cold and wet to play with.

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Heather said...

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