I am a mother of two who has the distinct privilege to stay home with them. My Husband is the most important person in my life and I am beyond blessed to be able to share my life with him, create a good and godly home, and raise our children together.

I am particular about my Strawberries. I can spend 15 minutes sorting through the pile of plastic containers at the grocery store to find the one or two that are acceptable. Some strawberries are just not very good they are hard kind of flavorless or worse bitter, or they are mushy and just sweet they have lost that tang that makes them Strawberries.

Life is like a box of strawberries. Moments slip by most are enjoyable and good, some not so much, and then every now and then you find one that is just right, almost perfect, that got the just right amount of rain and sun. You know you could bite into it and it will have that intense perfect flavor and you want to save it forever but you know if you hold on too long it will get mushy and will need a good spoonful of sugar and some angel food cake to save it.

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