Monday, April 4, 2011

Cake Pops!

These are a new favorite in my house, and are super easy!

1 13x9 cake (1 box of cake mix)
1 tub of frosting
Candy coating
Lolly pop sticks

In a large bowl crumble the cakes and then add the whole tub of frosting and mix well.
It will clump together and make a play dough like consistency when squeezed which should then be rolled into a ball an inch or so, too much larger will make them crumble on the stick.
 Melt the candies as instructed but only a few at a time and cover the cake balls in the candy by rolling them through the melted candy, dip a lolly pop stick in the candy and stick that into the cake ball, and set in the refrigerator to set up. Or leave with out the sticks and just eat cake balls. Yum!

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I have been wanting to try these... thanks for the inspiration!