Monday, September 17, 2012

Apples Apples Apples

 Its apple time again! One of my favorite parts of the year. We went up to Biglerville, PA "one of the apple capitals of the world" to get some right from the farm.
  Well two orchards actually. The first we love because of their price on seconds and their family friendly atmosphere. They have Photo cut outs and a play area with a feed corn filled
sandbox and a produce stand.

The second we like because they have a lot of interesting varieties you don't see many places, a great price on cider and a Try it before you buy it stand that lets you take and taste most of there fruit. Which makes me feel more comfortable picking a lot and the kids get something to munch on before we pay. Both have you pick options as well as prepicked you bag bins.
 Not to mention the view. While we were at this last orchard we saw a brochure of a local vineyard that Also made their own Hard cider from local apples. Both the Husband and I love cider so we stopped by and he got a glass to try while we chatted with my in laws and shared some local cheese.
 Did I mention the view? They had a patio with tables set up looking down the hill over there fields and the surrounding orchards. It was just Lovely!
 I am looking forward to all apple sauce and apple butter and apple chips and apple cake and apple cider we will be having this up and coming year that will stem from this lovely day and I hope every time we have a corn muffin smoothed in apple butter we remember the great weather and enjoyable time we had.

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