Friday, November 16, 2012

Venison five ways

You might remember that I mentioned in one of my thanksgiving posts that I was thankful for generous friends who parted with some of there venison for us to try, and in one I mentioned how grateful I am for free curriculum.

Well part of what we wanted the venison for was because these last two weeks before thanksgiving we have devoted out school time to learning about the Native Americans who lived in the north east when the first settlers came to this continent. We have been doing a lot of reading, and beading, and finger weaving, but I also wanted to give the kids a taste of what the people we were studying would have eaten.
So we made a salad, and corn bread and wild rice and venison with onions and mushrooms
that were listed as being appropriate to the north eastern region.

But we still had a good bit of venison left over so here are four other ways we prepared it.
 Venison tacos from Mississippi Kitchen

Creamy Venison from SORTED

Venison pot roast from A Less Processed Life

Venison Stew

You can use beef for just about all of these recipes if you don't have any venison.

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