Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Sauce

I did mine in the crock pot for the first time this year. You can do it just in a pot over the stove but I was a little busy so I figured I would try the slower but less attention intensive way of cooking it.

The great thing about making your own apple sauce is that you can control what goes in it. Last year I made a few flavored varieties this year I stuck with plain apple sauce but I will included the recipes for the other flavors at the end.

I almost hesitate to call this a recipe.

apple juice or cider

First you want to peel and core your apples.
Pour about a half an inch of your juice or cider into the bottom on the crock pot or a deep heavy bottomed pot on the stove.
Dump in your apples.

If in a crock pot heat on high for at least 4 hours with the lid on stirring it around every hour or so. If on the stove heat on medium high string every 15 min or so until the apples start to break down keep cooking and stirring.

Once you have a smooth thick sauce you can either cool it off and store it in the fridge/freezer or you can can it to get it shelf stable. If you are new to canning I suggest reading up on the details of it as we are talking about preserving food you want to be sure you are doing it correctly.

For some other flavors you can substitute orange juice in the beginning, mix in dried fruit, cinnamon, or other spices, you can add pureed berries near the end for strawberry, raspberry or black berry flavors. Last year I made an orange spice version, and an orange and cranberry, that we had for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

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